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  • NFT Art

    NFT Art

    NFT art, or non-fungible token art, refers to digital artwork that is verified and sold using blockchain technology. NFTs are unique digital tokens that are used to certify ownership and authenticity of a specific piece … NFT Art Read More »

  • Glitch Tutorials

    Glitch Tutorials

    Glitching JPG (or JPEG) images by corrupting their data is a relatively straight-forward affair. Simply open up the file in a hex editor and wreck up the place. Corrupted JPG images can be identified by … Glitch Tutorials Read More »

  • Datamoshing


    Datamoshing is a technique used in digital art to intentionally corrupt and manipulate video data to produce unique and often surreal results. The term „datamoshing“ is derived from „data“ and „moshing,“ which refers to the … Datamoshing Read More »